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Exclusive Essay: Traces of the Black Diaspora in Viramundo

Spotlight on Viramundo


Pierre-Yves Borgeaud / France-Switzerland, 2013 / Rio, Jangada, Visions du Réel / 95'


Gilberto Gil is among Brazil's most famous musicians, having influenced an entire generation in South America and beyond.  Now in his seventies, he has recently served as Brazil's first black Minister of Culture. Preoccupied with many contemporary realities such as racism and poverty, he embarks on a tour through the southern hemisphere— from aboriginal communities in Australia and the townships of South Africa, to the Brazilian Amazon— seeking to promote the power of cultural diversity in a globalized world.


Viramundo delves into marginalized societies via the unique intersection between music, politics and culture. Pierre-Yves Borgeaud's fifth documentary premiered at Rio and Visions du Reél.



"This leisurely Franco-Brazilian documentary takes the celebrated Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil, now in his 70s and a former minister of culture in the government of President Lula, on a tour of the southern hemisphere, talking and playing with fellow composers and performers in Brazil, South Africa and Australia.  It's a heartwarming experience, a little reminiscent of Wim Wenders' Buena Vista Social Club, and the music is attractive and authentic"

- Philip French, Film ReviewThe Guardian