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The Sound of Things

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Ariel Escalante / 2016, Belize, Biarritz, Icaro-Festival de Cine y Video en Centroamerica, Mar del Plata, Moscow, Panama, Panoramica Sweden, San Francisco Latino Film Festival, Seattle Latino Film Festival, World Cinema Amsterdam / 78'


Claudia enjoys her job as a nurse. She takes the bus to work each morning and is content in her routine. But she secretly struggles to handle the recent suicide of her cousin Sylvia— who was also her roommate and best friend— even if she succeeds at hiding her pain from the outside world. When an old acquaintance re-enters Claudia's perfectly ordered life, however, she is finally forced to confront the depth of her grief.


An atmospheric portrait of a young woman adrift in the complex process of mourning, The Sound of Things finds in small, quotidian details their own form of pathos. Ariel Escalante's debut feature premiered at Mar del Plata, Biarritz, Panama, and Moscow, where it won the Kommersant Weekend Prize. The Sound of Things was selected as the sixth ever Costa Rican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film, at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.



"[A]nnounces above all a filmmaker of studied style, an artist who uses image, pacing, a static camera to portray the feelings of a nurse who is unable to confront her deep grief at the death of her flat-mate, cousin and best-friend who committed suicide two months before"

- John Hopewell, Film ReviewVariety