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The Pot and the Oak

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Exclusive Interview with Kiarash Anvari

Spotlight on The Pot and the Oak




Kiarash Anvari / 2017, Rotterdam, Jerusalem, Febiofest International Film Festival / 72'


Borzoo lives in Iran. He has a semi-successful career as a playwright and a rapidly deteriorating relationship with his wife, who is a theater actress. Unbeknownst to her Borzoo has recently taken a medical test and discovered that he is incapable of having children. His pride injured, Borzoo careens into self-destructive behavior and irrational outbursts which further estrange his wife. When she is offered a new acting role by a director and ex-flame, Borzoo manipulates the story's conclusion to his own liking.


A stylized portrait of wounded masculinity and the tenuous nature of the artistic process, The Pot and the Oak intertwines philosophy, fiction and life in the real world to tragicomic effect. Kiarash Anvari's feature film debut premiered at Rotterdam, Jerusalem and Febiofest Prague.



"With a fine sense of the absurd, the play and its author's life become increasingly intertwined in The Pot and the Oak"

Film Program, International Film Festival Rotterdam