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The Color Wheel

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Alex Ross Perry / 2011, Sarasota, AFI, BAMcinemaFest, Chicago Underground, Denver, Ljubljana, Locarno, Maryland, Vancouver, Vienna / 83'


JR is a jobless and newly single twenty-something woman with dreams of reporting the weather on the news. She shows up at her younger brother's house one day to seek his help collecting some old boxes from the house of her old professor-turned-lover's apartment, not wanting to confront him alone. Thus JR and Colin embark on a road trip through the fog-shrouded highways of New England, running into old schoolmates they would rather avoid and plunging into the vicissitudes of a family history they'd sooner forget.


Peppered with sanctimony, humor and outright hostility, The Color Wheel charts the course of two despicable siblings on an unlikely journey to forgiveness. Alex Ross Perry's second feature film premiered at Sarasota, Locarno, Vienna, BAMcinemaFest and Chicago Underground, where it won Best Narrative Feature Film. The Color Wheel was named best undistributed film of the year by the Indiewire and the Village Voice.


"Documenting a road trip undertaken by one of the most plausibly despicable brother-sister pairings in all of cinema, Alex Ross Perry’s second feature The Color Wheel is an astonishing work of pathos that broaches the question of redemption by way of a sincerity shellacked with layer upon layer of cynical vitriol… The Color Wheel makes spectacle out of schadenfreude: the exhilarating rapidity with which Colin and J.R. verbally eviscerate each other almost obscures the brilliance of Perry and Altman's script"

- Dan Sullivan, Film Review, Film Comment