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Somos Mari Pepa

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Exclusive Interview with Samuel Kishi Leopo

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Samuel Kishi Leopo / Mexico, 2013 / Morelia, AFI Fest, Berlin, Guanajuato, Miami, Toulouse / 95'


Alex is a lanky 16-year old living with his grandmother in Guadalajara.  It's summer and without anything in particular to get him out of the house, Alex goes through the motions of finding a job and having his first sexual experience.  He and three other friends also play in an amateur punk band called Mari Pepa.  When a local contest is announced, the boys become determined to enter despite the fact that it requires two original songs and they only have one.  As summer draws on and his grandmother becomes more fragile, Alex realizes that soon enough he is going to have to grow up and say goodbye.

Filmed in a loose and organic documentary style, Somos Mari Pepa captures the fears, doubts, and challenges of adolescence with startling naturalism and heart.  Samuel Kishi Leopo's first feature premiered at Morelia, Berlin, Guanajuato and Miami, where it won a Special Mention.



"A rough-and-tumble, enjoyable yarn about a group of 16-year-old punk-rock wannabes from Guadalajara... Kishi Leopo demonstrates a good eye for youth culture and the foibles of adolescence and manages to imbue his characters with an infectious and youthful spirit that the young actors, all encoring, unaffectedly get across in their characterizations"

- Boyd van Hoeij, Morelia ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter