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Exclusive Interview with Agustin Adba

Exclusive Essay: Penélope: Artisanal Argentine Cinema

Spotlight on Penélope




Agustín Adba / 2018, BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Cinema / 67'


Penélope is a young woman living in Buenos Aires. When not studying architecture or hanging with her friends from school, she spends increasing amounts of time orbiting the city's bohemian circles— theatrical productions, endless parties, fleeting encounters with both men and women. Faced with an abyss of meaningless relationships and moral vacuity, Penélope embraces the vanities and pretensions of this world with an eye toward subverting its logic.


Steeped in a modern landscape of romantic detachment and sexual discovery, Penélope finely draws the nuances of female desire without judgment. Agustín Adba's feature debut premiered at BAFICI - Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Cinema.



"The most interesting aspect of Agustín Adba's debut is the character Penélope, a young woman unaffected by taboos who is able to relate openly to both with men and women, breaking with stereotypes of female protagonists in more conservative films. The role that Penélope adopts disrupts ideas of the masculine, which are confined to the role of womanizers or those who think they want casual relationships"

- Samantha Schuster, BAFICI Review, Cinéfilo Serial [sp]