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Spotlight on Ojuju



C. J. Obasi / 2014, African International Film Festival, BAMcinĂ©matek New Voices in Black Cinema, Eko International Film Festival, Fantasia MontrĂ©al, Nollywood Paris,  Pan African Film Festival, Shockproof Film Festival Prague / 95'


Romero is at a crossroads.  News of his girlfriend's pregnancy has motivated him to make good of his life, but something strange is happening in his neighborhood.  The local water supply has been tainted causing people to suddenly manifest symptoms of rabid river blindness.  Romero recruits his friends Emmy and Peju to get to the bottom of the epidemic in a race against time for their own survival.


A micro-budget zombie film that combines genre flairs with the ethnographic details of a Lagos slum, the premise of contamination in a county where 70 million Nigerians lack access to clean water transcends horror, registering Ojuju as social allegory.  C. J. Obasi's first feature film premiered at Eko International Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival and the African International Film Festival, where it won Best Nigerian Film.



"Although made on an obviously minuscule budget, this enterprising genre pic is very well crafted.  Infused with both sly humor and genuine thrills, it puts many similarly themed American efforts to shame, with the exoticism of its setting only adding to the overall effect"

- Frank Scheck, Film ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter