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No Man's Zone

// Presented as part of Filmatique's New Asian Voices II Series //

Spotlight on No Man's Zone




Toshi Fujiwara / 2012, Berlin, Edinburgh, IDFA Amsterdam, Marseille, Tokyo FilmEX / 103'


On March 11, 2011, a tsunami struck the coast of Fukushima causing the meltdown of a nearby power plant. Within 24 hours the population within a 20-km radius was ordered to evacuate. Shortly thereafter Toshi Fujiwara entered the so-called "No Man's Zone," interviewing those who either could not or did not want to leave. Haunted by imperceptible traces of radiation, the landscape of Fukushima has been transformed into an atmosphere of silence and disintegration, a land of cherry blossoms and ghosts in white protective clothing.


Chronicling one of the century's worst nuclear disasters through the eyes of those most affected, No Man's Zone is a bold political and ecological testimony. Toshi Fujiwara's third documentary premiered at Berlin, IDFA and Tokyo FilmEX, where it won a Special Mention.



 "A thought-provoking and haunting film, director Toshi Fujiwara loads almost every scene with a multitude of questions, either on the surface or simply waiting to spring out on audiences while they take in every detail"

- Kevin Matthews, Edinburgh Review, Flickfeast UK