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My Love Awaits Me By the Sea

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Spotlight on My Love Awaits Me By the Sea



Mais Darwazah / 2013, Toronto, Boston Palestine Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Dubai, Festival International de Cinema Feminino Brazil, Frauenfilmfestival / 80'


Hasan Hourani, a Palestinian poet and illustrator, died aged 29 while trying to rescue his nephew from the sea in Jaffa.  Upon discovering his drawings and poems the filmmaker Mais Darwazah feels drawn to his world— a universe outside space and time; a place of wonder, discovery, and freedom.  Motivated by Hourani, a love she has never met, Darwazah embarks on a journey to her homeland, Palestine: a place she has never known.


A poignant personal journey through the labyrinths of hope and despair, occupation and freedom, My Love Awaits Me By the Sea chronicles the harsh realities of life in occupied Palestine alongside the power of creative imagination in shaping one's destiny.  Mais Darwazah's first feature documentary premiered at CPH:DOX, Dubai, Toronto, Ismailia International Documentary and Short Festival, where it won the Jury Prize; Festival International de Cinema Feminino, where it won Best Documentary; MedFilm Festival, where it won Best Documentary; and FEST New Directors/New Films, where it won Best Documentary.



"A poetic meditation on what it means to be denied the chance to participate in a collective memory of normal life, this is a moving, intensely personal essay inspired by the late artist/author Hasan Hourani's life and work, seen through Darwazah's experiences as a second-generation Palestinian making her first trip to the homeland"

- Jay Weissberg, Toronto ReviewVariety