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My First Kiss and the People Involved

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Spotlight on My First Kiss and the People Involved

Exclusive Interview: Luigi Campi    



Luigi Campi / 2016, Ashland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Woodstock / 81'


Sam is a taciturn young woman living in a group home in upstate New York.  Known for her reluctance to speak, she mostly keeps to herself, wandering the grounds and observing the other members of the house, including Lydia, one of the caretakers with whom she has formed a close bond.  One night Lydia decides to throw a party; the next morning, she has disappeared in mysterious circumstances.  Sam's quest to discover the truth about Lydia emboldens her place in the community while simultaneously threatening to shatter her fragile world.


Immersed in sensory detail and featuring a captivating performance from prominent trans non-binary performer Bobbi Salvör Menuez, My First Kiss and the People Involved privileges senses of touch, sound, and taste in order to orient the spectator toward alternative epistemologies, or ways of knowing the world.  Luigi Campi's feature film debut premiered at Los Angeles Film Festival; Woodstock, where it won an Honorable Mention; New Orleans, where it won the Audience Award; and Ashland, where it won Best Cinematography and Best Narrative Feature.



"Taking admirable chances with his first narrative feature, writer-director Luigi Campi demonstrates a sure grasp of sensory detail... it will be interesting to see how Campi's unconventional, immersive approach evolves"

- Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Film Festival Review, Hollywood Reporter