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More Than Honey

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Spotlight on More Than Honey  

Exclusive Essay: Enchanting Encounters and Capitalist Critiques in More Than Honey




Markus Imhoof / 2012, CPH:DOX, Locarno, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Zurich / 91'


Populations of bees are vanishing at a rapid pace across the globe— the phenomenon has been labeled colony collapse disorder, wherein the delicate ecosystems of apiary life are unraveling. Responsible for the vast majority of plant pollination, bees are indispensable to the global food supply chain and, thus, human life. Echoing Albert Einstein, a voice-over warns that if the former were to die out, the latter would last hardly four years.


Documenting the scope of this disappearance from California almond orchards to the hand-pollination techniques utilized to fertilize fruit trees in northern China, More Than Honey weaves a complex and fascinating tale of species survival. Markus Imhoof's second documentary film premiered at Locarno, CPH:DOX, and Santa Barbara, where it won Best Documentary Film. More Than Honey also won the Swiss Film Prize for Best Documentary and Best Documentary at the German Film Awards.


"The dazzling photography of a hard-core nature doc is paired with a more artful sensibility in Markus Imhoof's More than Honey, a film whose fascination with bees and their mammoth impact on the global food chain extends far beyond the subject of colony collapse disorder. Arthouse audiences will eat it up"

- John DeFore, Film Review, The Hollywood Reporter