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Spotlight on Meteors



Gürcan Keltek / 2017, Locarno, Beldocs, Cartagena, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, FICUNAM, Film Society of Lincoln Center Art of the Real, Hong Kong, ICA, Milan, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki / 81'

Tension has long simmered between Turkish soldiers and Kurdish separatists in southeastern Anatolia and, in 2015, the conflict escalated into a military lockdown.  Given the lack of media coverage, locals began filming the empty streets in single-take, one-hour clips which were posted to the internet and then vanished.  Coinciding with this event is the falling of the Leonids, a spectacular meteor shower which emblazons the black skies with impermanent light. 


At once telluric and celestial, Meteors punctuates observational filmmaking with political commentary to evoke a region of the world on the brink of civil war.  Gürcan Keltek's first film premiered at Rotterdam, Hong Kong, and Thessaloniki; Locarno, where it won the Independent Film Critics' Best Film Award; Milan, where it won Best Film; Cartagena, where it won Best Film; Porto/Post/Doc, where it won the Grand Prix; and Bratislava, where it won Best Documentary.



"Preserving a memory that is fragmented but never forgotten... Turkish documentarist Gürcan Keltek makes a political statement with his observation of one of the largest militant actions to take place against the citizens of his own country... Using footage that is fragmented but incredibly unique and original, the director observes a country that is on the verge of civil war.  Focusing mainly on the natural sounds of clashes, riots, firearms and even nature itself, the monochromatic granulated image expands all elements of the drama"

- Vassilis Economou, Locarno ReviewCineuropa