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Spotlight on Liverpool   

Exclusive Essay: Liverpool: The Simple Act of Homecoming



Lisandro Alonso / 2008, Cannes - Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, AFI Fest, BFI London, CPH:PIX, Gijón, Göteborg, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Maryland, Rio de Janeiro, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna / 85'


Farrel has been at sea for years. Steeped in the quotidian routines of life on a merchant ship, one day Farrel requests to disembark. His goal is to visit his ailing mother in Ushuaia. Equipped solely with a backpack and a bottle of vodka, Farrel embarks across the snow-laden landscapes of Tierra del Fuego—once home, his mother doesn't remember who he is. While other locals treat him with hostility, a young girl named Analia takes a liking to Farrel, evoking a wider web of personal histories than originally conceived.


A hypnotic portrait of solitude, isolation, and rhythms of the natural world, Liverpool immerses the spectator in an enhanced sensorial realm—through decelerated presentations of cinematic time, the smallest of details become imbued with meaning. Lisandro Alonso's fourth film premiered at Cannes' Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Göteborg, Toronto, CPH:PIX and Gijón, where it won the Grand Prix.



"On every level, from the expressive capacity of natural image and sound to the emotional content of the characters onscreen, pic marks personal artistic progress and an impressive standard for others to match… Cinematographer Lucio Bonelli makes masterful use of interior and exterior space in the manner of John Ford and Jean Renoir… supremely accomplished"

- Robert Koehler, Cannes Review, Variety