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L'ombre des Femmes (In the Shadow of Women)

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Spotlight on L'ombre des Femmes (In the Shadow of Women)



Pierre and Manon are married and living in a slightly dilapidated Parisian apartment where they're behind on rent.  In addition to odd jobs, Manon works in fragile harmony with Pierre on his documentary film projects, the latest of which is a portrait of a resistance fighter.  One day Pierre takes Elisabeth, his assistant at the archives, as a lover.  While Pierre reacts with apathy and entitlement when Manon catches her husband in the act, Manon, rather than leaving him, seeks common ground with her husband.  It is only when Manon's own lover is revealed that their marriage begins to collapse.


A master of intimate and emotional ecologies, veteran French filmmaker Philppe Garrel plumbs the depths of infidelity— not merely the fact of it, but the particular, divergent ways in which it is experienced and understood by men and women.  In the Shadow of Women premiered at Cannes' Quinzaine des R√©alisateurs; Athens, where it won Best Film; and Seville, where it won Best Actress.



"Veteran post-Nouvelle Vague helmer Philippe Garrel serves up an exquisite three-hander about life, art and the delusional male ego... The currents of desire, jealousy and resentment that flow through a relationship over time receive an exquisite closeup from director Philippe Garrel in In the Shadow of Women, a tightly focused romantic drama that exudes the narrative terseness of a good short story and the lucid craftsmanship of a filmmaker in full command of the medium.  Like so much of Garrel's work, this intensely personal rumination on life, politics, art and the battle of the sexes is a very particular brand of cinema"

- Scott Foundas, Cannes ReviewVariety