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In Aquis Fundata

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Exclusive Interview with Andrea de Fusco

Spotlight on In Aquis Fundata




Andrea de Fusco / 2017, Rome Independent Film Festival, Bellaria Film Festival, DocUnder30 / 65'


Present-day Venice. Far from the swarms of tourists and cruise ships an alternate topography is made plain— one lived at the edges of the ancient city's lagoons, beneath the surface of its canals. A shipwright, a Venetian rowing champion, a diver, a fish merchant and a fisherman chronicle their daily lives as proximate and dependent on water, the founding element of the Venetian Republic a thousand years prior. These contemporary Venetians uphold the vanishing traditions of a people, a place, and an amphibious way of life.


Immersed in the aqueous landscape of one of the world's most cinematic cities, In Aquis Fundata documents local Venetians and their precarious futures. Andrea de Fusco's second full-length film premiered at the Rome Independent Film Festival, Bellaria and DocUnder30.



"[R]eveals an apocalyptic cross-section of one of the most fascinating cities in the world, bringing to light its submerged perspective"

- Alessandra Picinelli, Rome Independent Review, Lo Speciale [it]