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Il Nido

// Presented as part of Filmatique's Young Womanhood Series //

Exclusive Interview with Klaudia Reynicke

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Klaudia Reynicke / Switzerland-Italy, 2016 / Locarno, Braunschweig, Freistadt, Lima, Montevideo, Santa Barbara, São Paulo, Solothurner Filmtage / 80'


Cora is a 19-year-old woman who has recently returned home for a gap year.  Her father is the mayor of Bucco, a town whose livelihood depends on the tourism of Christians who believe in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.  While busy organizing the celebration of the Virgin of Bucco, an annual event that attracts numerous pilgrims, Cora notices a mysterious man whose presence will slowly rupture the tranquility of the town and her nascent adulthood.


Starring Ondina Quadri (Arianna) in a piercing role, Klaudia Reynicke's debut feature captures the unraveling of a young woman's notions of ethics, religion and community when her hometown is confronted with a long-buried crime.  Il Nido (The Nest) premiered at Locarno, São Paulo, Lima and Santa Barbara.


"Klaudia Reynicke brings us a very personal film imbued with a wild mysticism that's almost savage... surprising and intriguing...  Suspicion weaves its way like a hungry woodworm through the apparent peace and quiet of the village of Bucco to bring to light an atrocious drama, buried as if it were nothing, like an off-color anecdote, by a community overcome with its own selfishness.  Interested as always in group dynamics: whether they're family dynamics... or community dynamics, Klaudia Reynicke once again probes the depths of the mind of a monster with a thousand faces"

- Giorgia del Don, Locarno ReviewCineuropa