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Il Cratere

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Spotlight on Il Cratere




Luca Bellino & Silvia Luzi / 2017, Venice, Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, Geneva, Göteborg, Rabat, Tokyo, / 93'


Rosario pedals stuffed animals as a street seller in the fairgrounds on the outskirts of Naples. His young daughter Sharon displays a burgeoning musical talent, which Rosario sees as his ticket to escape poverty. Rosario becomes fascinated and obsessed with the dream of his daughter's fame, spending what money he has on music rights to turn her into a star of Italian folk music.


Set amid the gritty landscape of contemporary Naples, Il Cratere is an intimate and evocative neo-realist portrait of a father's ambitions and a young girl in search of freedom. The first narrative feature from documentary filmmakers Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi premiered at Venice's Settimana della Critica, Göteborg; Tokyo, where it won the Special Jury Prize; and Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, where it won the Special Jury Prize.



"After establishing their documentary credentials with 2008's The Threat and 2012's On the Art of War, there's no doubting that Luzi and Bellino's observant eyes remain Crater's trump card, particularly in capturing the impressive performances of its non-professional, first-time leads, and in the filmmaker's fondness for close-up-heavy camerawork. Their immersive, authentic efforts, and the festival attention garnered by their previous work, should go a long way towards helping the film secure further berths on the international circuit after its premiere in Venice Critics' Week and special jury prize in Tokyo's main competition"

- Sarah Ward, Tokyo Review, Screen Daily