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I Cormorani

// Presented as part of Filmatique's Opera Prima Italiana II Series //

Spotlight on I Cormorani




Fabio Bobbio / 2016, Visions du Reél, Cinemed Cinema Mediterranean Montpellier, DOC/IT, Nastri d'Argento, Piemonte Movie gLocal Film Festival, SoleLuna Doc Film Festival / 88'


Matteo and Samuele are in the summer of their twelfth year. The spend their days wandering the forest, swimming in the river, gazing about the local mall. It is just like the summers that came before, but something is changing. The empty roads and warm and everlasting afternoons quiver with some imperceptible difference. A summer without beginning and without end, marked by friendship and the inexorable passage of time.


Nuanced, poetic and observational, I Cormorani (The Cormorants) celebrates the mysteries of youth and the gauzy atmosphere of boyhood in an unnamed region of Northern Italy. Fabio Bobbio's feature film debut premiered at Visions du Reél, DOC/IT and SoleLuna Doc Film Festival.


"The Cormorants is a stunning achievement, directed by one of the most promising Italian directors of photography and produced by filmmaker Mirko Locatelli"

- Giona A. Nazzaro, Film Program, Visions du Reél