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Spotlight on Hippocrates



Thomas Lilti  / 2014, Cannes / 102'


Benjamin is a young intern at the hospital ward run by his father.  While initially confident and determined, Benjamin is soon eclipsed by his partner Abdel, a foreign doctor who is obviously overqualified but has been forced to work as an intern because of his immigration status.  One night Benjamin makes an error while treating a drunk patient, who dies.  As his widow appears and starts demanding answers, Benjamin's father quickly covers it up— a situation that is not lost on the observant but ultimately powerless Adbel.


Charting complex moral and ethical paths for three doctors against the backdrop of France's public medical service, Thomas Lilti's second feature film is a nuanced and naturalistic portrait of individuals adrift within a dysfunctional system.  Hippocrates premiered as the closing night film of Cannes' Semaine de la Critique and was nominated for 7 C├ęsar Awards, including Best Film, and won Best Supporting Actor for Reda Kateb.



"Filmmakers with significant life experience outside the creative arts are becoming ever rarer creatures, but France's Thomas Lilti exploits his original career to the fullest in his fitfully engaging comedy-drama Hippocrates.  A trained doctor who still occasionally practices as a primary-care physician alongside his work as a writer and director, Lilti has fully applied the "write what you know" ethos to his sophomore feature, which follows a junior doctor's eventful initiation into his profession"

- Charles Gant, Cannes ReviewVariety