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Hermia & Helena

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Spotlight on Hermia & Helena  




Matías Piñeiro / 2016, Locarno, BFI London, FICUNAM, Ghent, Jeonju, IndieLisboa, Istanbul International Independent Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Maryland, Melbourne, New York, NYT Critics' Pick, Rotterdam, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna / 87'


Camila, a young Argentine theater director, has been recently selected to participate in an artist residency in New York. Leaving her boyfriend and loved ones behind, she travels to the big city, hoping to mount a Spanish version of A Midsummer Night's Dream onstage. Yet soon Camila finds herself distracted by memories of Buenos Aires, a fling with the residency's administrator, and a strange epistolary relationship with Danièle, a recent graduate of the program. Across languages and continents, and immersed in the ever-conflating realms of life and art, Camila discovers new resonances in Shakespeare's formulations of friendship, affection, and love.


Blending the whimsy of youth with the jocular cadences of theatrical text, Hermia & Helena weaves an ever-expanding web of relations entangling a young woman as she comes into her own. Matías Piñeiro's fourth feature film premiered at Locarno, IndieLisboa, Rotterdam, Mar del Plata, New York and Toronto, and is a New York Times Critics' Pick.



"Bits of Shakespeare's text and possible Spanish equivalents appear occasionally onscreen and there's also a short by Gregg that's made from footage of a 1941 black-and-white film with a voiceover based on Du Maurier's Rebecca that's spliced in, though the film’s overall tone is never too academic or intellectual. Indeed, aided by a jazzy, piano-driven score, Piñeiro manages to keep things light and airy, especially for the film’s first half"

- Boyd van Hoeij, Locarno Review, The Hollywood Reporter