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Fake Tattoos

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Spotlight on Fake Tattoos




Pascal Plante / 2017, BAFICI, Berlin, Calgary Underground, FNC - Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Giffoni, Rhode Island, Seattle, Slamdance, Toronto / 87'

It's Theo's 18th birthday and he's spending it alone, getting drunk at a punk rock show. While ordering a beer a teenage girl behind him remarks on the tattoo Theo has on his arm, noticing it's fake. From there Mag invites him to spend the night on her place, but before long the two realize their budding romance has an expiration date: Theo is set to leave Montreal at the end of the summer. This bittersweet freedom engulfs their endless afternoons and evenings spent together, aware that all good things must end.


Imbued with naturalistic performances from its leads and an eye for youth culture, Fake Tattoos is an iridescent ode to the textures of adolescence and first love. Pascal Plante's debut feature premiered at Slamdance, Berlin, Seattle; FNC - Festival du Nouveau Cinema, where it won the Grand Prix; Rhode Island, where it won Best Director.



"Like a slightly longer— and decidedly more heterosexual— version of Andrew Haigh's Weekend… Plante has a good eye for both the details of contemporary courtship— the Facebook stalking; the YouTube-videos-in-bed ritual; the use of an iPhone's speakerphone option— and the timeless awkwardness of hookups, like when Theo can't manage to get Mag out of her skinny pants or unhook her bra"

- Boyd van Hoeij, Slamdance Review, The Hollywood Reporter