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Exit Elena

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Spotlight on Exit Elena




Nathan Silver / 2012, Boston, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema - BAFICI, Cucalorus, Edinburgh, Vienna, Woodstock / 72'


Elena is a 19-year old woman with no place to call home. After obtaining her nursing license she quickly lands a job as a live-in aide for the Akermans, an ostensibly normal middle-class family. Elena soon finds herself at the epicenter of quotidian crises and dramas that afflict each member of the family, from the grandmother to the cat. Yet soon she establishes an equilibrium— roughly the same moment Nathan, the family's only child, makes his pilgrimage back home.


Starring both the director and his mother in leading roles, Exit Elena navigates the complex layers of familial relationships and female loneliness with both humor and heart. Nathan Silver's second film premiered at Edinburgh, Vienna, BAFICI and Cucalorus.


"Finding room among an awkwardly dysfunctional family proves preferable to having no family at all in Exit Elena, a nicely prickly second feature from director/producer Nathan Silver"

- Neil Young, Edinburgh Review, The Hollywood Reporter