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Spotlight on Excursions




Daniel Martinico / 2016, Slamdance, Arizona Underground, Chicago Underground, New Orleans, East Oregon / 80'


A remote cabin in the woods, somewhere in California. A husband and wife retreat to their isolated abode with the aim of revitalizing their marriage. Another couple soon arrives with an endless supply of red wine and similar ambitions for enlightenment. Entwined with nature, this curious foursome progresses from innocuous games and partner-swapping to breathing exercises, cleansing rituals and competitive spiritual gambits that approximate the threshold of physical and mental sanity.


Marked by formalistic flourishes and the claustrophobic atmosphere of approaching madness, Excursions probes the limits of intimacy, meaning and transcendence with equal parts lucidity and farce. Daniel Martinico's second feature premiered at Slamdance, Chicago Underground, East Oregon and New Orleans, and was named one of The Film Stage’s Best Undistributed Films of 2016.



"Excursions is one of the craziest things I've seen all year, an assured dive right into the deep end done with so much confidence and precision that it demands admiration… Much of Excursions is inexplicable in the best way possible, with Martinico abandoning convention as his film becomes more and more abstract once the characters come closer to their goal. It's a compelling and exhaustive experience, one that always feels like it's on the verge of devouring itself, but I think about it more than any other film I've seen all year"

- C.J. Prince, The Best Undistributed Films of 2016, The Film Stage