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Depth Two

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Spotlight on Depth Two



Ognjen Glavonić / Serbia-France, 2016 / Berlin, Cartagena, CinEast, Docaviv, DocsBarcelona, DOK.Fest Munich, DokuFest, São Paulo, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Vancouver, Zagreb Dox / 80'


Kosovo, 1999.  A freezer truck driving along the Serbian-Romanian border carries the bodies of 55 Albanian civilians that have been killed by the Serbian police.  It runs off the road and plunges into the Danube River.  Between 2001 and 2002, five mass graves containing more than 700 bodies are discovered in the suburbs of Belgrade, near the former training facilities of Serbian Anti-Terrorist Forces.  Contemporary images of these sites blend with testimonies from the International Court of the former Yugoslavia, uncovering and elevating voices that have been intentionally buried in silence.


Ognjen Glavonić's meditative and hypnotic debut documentary appeals to the viewer's imagination by returning to the scene of these crimes with new intention.  Depth Two premiered at Berlin, São Paulo, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Vancouver; Beldocs, where it won Best Editing; Message 2 Man, where it won the Grand Prix, KineNova, where it won Best Director & Best Screenplay; and Festival dei Popoli, where it won Best Feature Film.


"Monstrous events, each and every detail organized according to a logistics of cruelty by a state enacting a deadly secret plan aimed at its own population.  Ognjen Glavonić's Dubina dva [Depth Two] succeeds in measuring truth.  The documentary draws on the mechanics of a thriller to reconstruct the atrocities, allowing eyewitnesses from back then to have their say in voiceover, their testimonies accompanied by images from the present.  We hear the voices of perpetrators but also that of a victim.  People can kill people, but not memories"

Film Program, Berlinale