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Coming Forth By Day

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Exclusive Essay: Coming Forth by Day, or How Condensed Time and Space Reveal the Revolution

Spotlight on Coming Forth By Day



Hala Lofty / Egypt, 2012 / Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, Antalya, Berlin, Carthage, Marseille, Medfilm Rome, Melbourne, Oran, Seattle, Thessaloniki  / 96'


Soad is a young unmarried Egyptian woman who lives with her mother and father in Cairo.  Her father has been left largely incapacitated by a stroke, their airless, timeless apartment sealed off from the rest of the world.  Soad dutifully cares for her father while her mother, back home after working the graveyard shift as a nurse, sleeps.  Granted a rare moment of freedom, Soad leaves the apartment to wander the quiet, empty streets of Cairo until dawn.


Meticulously crafted and attuned to the finest gradations of darkness and light, Coming Forth By Day is a naturalistic portrait two Egyptian women grappling with an absence of purpose.  Hala Lofty's debut feature premiered at Seattle, Thessaloniki where it won a Special Mention, and Abu Dhabi, where it won the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Feature and the festival award for Best Director from the Arab World.


"Rigorously shot and edited, Hala Lotfy's impressive debut, Coming Forth By Day, is an Egyptian story told via an indie arthouse aesthetic whose antecedents include Chantal Akerman and Tsai Ming-liang... Lotfy's use of space is nothing short of miraculous, disorienting the viewer by almost eliminating a sense of time"

- Jay Weissberg, Cannes ReviewVariety