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Cherry Pie

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Spotlight on Cherry Pie




Lorenz Merz / Switzerland, 2013 / Locarno, Camerimage, Cork, New Horizons Wroclaw, Oldenburg, Valencia, Rotterdam / 85'


In a loveless relationship, Zoé ditches her faceless boyfriend in a cheap motel room and sets off north without a penny to her name. She hitch-hikes, pilfers a meal from a gas station, encounters strangers who could be her next ride or a passing glimpse, ambling toward some unknown destination. At the end of her pilgrimage, Zoé reaches the English Channel; on the ferry a woman mysteriously disappears. A new coat gives Zoé a new identity, but even in a new country she's not quite sure she's escaped herself.


Featuring a tour-de-force performance by Lolita Chammah, one of France's rising young stars, Cherry Pie delves into the complex psychology of a woman set adrift. Lorenz Merz's first film premiered at Locarno, Cameraimage, Rotterdam and Valencia, where it won Best Film.



"Lorenz Merz captures the protagonist's moods thanks to silver shading photography that creates a desperate, phantasmal atmosphere… Cherry Pie is an intense drama between two people: the protagonist and the director who forget themselves in a decadent waltz with a final scene worthy of Anna Karenina. The trust between these two people is absolute, in the same way the actress surrenders herself completely to the director. Lorenz Merz doesn't let the actress or the audience catch their breath. The audience endlessly tries to uncover the mystery that pushes Zoé towards the abyss. The excellent soundtrack (music by Marcel Vaid) provides an added layer of mystery and ambiguity to the film. This is a film about regressive apathy that leaves no viewer indifferent"

- Muriel del Don, Valencia Review, Cineuropa