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Exclusive Interview with Eskil Vogt

Spotlight on Blind



Eskil Vogt / Norway, 2014 / Sundance, Berlin, Athens, AFI, CPH:PIX, Istanbul, Trondheim, NYT Critics' Pick / 96'


Ingrid is a writer who has recently lost her vision.  In the face of this trauma she retreats to the safety of her home and her husband Morten's company.  Yet while Morten is away at work, Ingrid's thoughts loom large; she believes he comes home to spy on her.  Ingrid's imagination blossoms.  Morten soon becomes a character in one of her stories, impossible to discern from fiction.


Norwegian screenwriter Eskil Vogt's feature film debut Blind is a stylish, probing meditation on the blurred lines between objective and subjective worlds and the creative process itself. Blind premiered at CPH:PIX, Berlin; Sundance, where it won Best Screenplay; and Istanbul, where it won Best Film.



"[A] lithe, quicksilver portrait of a woman whose loss of sight only serves to sharpen her creative imagination.  As much a film about writing and loneliness as about blindness, this standout debut feature for screenwriter Eskil Vogt retains many of the literate, self-reflexive touches Vogt brought to his collaborations with helmer Joachim Trier (chiefly Reprise) while finding its own alternately droll, sexy, heartbreaking rhythms"

- Scott Foundas, Sundance ReviewVariety