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Black Tide

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Spotlight on Black Tide




Èrick Zonca / 2018, Fantasia, Belgrade, Bienne French Film Festival, French Film Tour in Mexico, Haifa, Istanbul, Sitges, Transilvania, / 113'


François Visconti is a talented if not world-weary detective. Decades spent investigating dark and vicious crimes has led him to disillusion, if not a drinking problem. When sixteen-year-old Dany Arnault goes missing, Visconti is assigned the case; meanwhile, his own son Denis is mixed up in nefarious activities of his own. As Visconti questions people close to the missing boy, an overzealous former teacher offers his help, bringing the investigation a little too close to home.


Featuring a rugged performance from Vincent Cassel as Visconti, Black Tide interrogates questions of family, violence and masculinity with noir atmosphere to spare. Èrick Zonca's fourth film premiered at Fantasia Fest, Sitges, Istanbul, Belgrade and Transilvania.


"A film that's so noir you may want to watch it with the lights on… a moody, grimy and gratuitously over-the-top crime story about an unhinged alcoholic cop trying to solve the case of a missing teenage boy"

- Jordan Mintzer, Film Review, The Hollywood Reporter