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Before Summer Ends

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Spotlight on Before Summer Ends



Maryam Goormaghtigh / 2017, Cannes ACID, BFI London, Chicago, Karlovy Vary, Montréal, Tübingen, Vienna, Zurich / 80'


Having completed his studies in Paris, Arash is at a crossroads.  He hasn't managed to adapt to French life and has thus decided to return to Iran.  His friends Hossein and Ashkan, however, prefer to live as exiles in France rather than face an uncertain future in their home country.  Thus, they launch a last ditch effort to get Arash to change his mind, dragging him on a final trip across Southern France.


Capturing the milieu of exile, male friendship and the longing for home, Before Summer Ends offers a naturalistic portrait of the Iranian diaspora through the eyes of three young men.  Maryam Goormaghtigh's first documentary feature premiered at Cannes' ACID; London BFI, where it won a Special Mention; and Zurich, where it won the Emerging Swiss Talent Award.


"If Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise had been transplanted to the south of France and starred a trio of beer-guzzling Iranian immigrants, then the result would be something like Before Summer Ends (Avant la fin de l’ete)... Quirky, aimless and warm-hearted all at once"

-  Jordan Mintzer, Cannes ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter