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Francesco Dongiovanni / Italy, 2015 / Turin, Altramurgia Altamura, AmDocs Palm Springs, Avvistamenti Bisceglie, Castellaneta, Gioia del Colle Arco Paradiso, Marcellino De Baggis International Documentary Film Festival Taranto, MedFilm Rome, Milan Filmmaker Festival, Mottola La Casa di Gioia, PaginEstive Mottola/ 40'


Puglia, 2015.  Two centuries ago the Swiss botanist and naturalist Count Karl Ulysses von Salis-Marschlins traveled to the region's largest estate, Casino del Duca, to survey the natural treasures of what was then the Kingdom of Naples.  Set against narration from the Count's journal during these resplendent times, the estate today lies barren, sleepless and abandoned, ravaged by distractions of the modern world.


Examining notions of history and the irrevocable changes of time, Anapeson elaborates an allegory of contemporary Italy— its beauty and greatness an elusive vestige of the past.  Francesco Dongiovanni's mid-length film premiered at Turin, MedFilm in Rome, and the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs.


"Silence vibrates within nature, its voices arpeggios that travel in space and time without changing. Present and past converge on the pentagram subtended by this space-time axis, creating a 'non-time' in which memories and a slow gaze lingers.  The places— San Basilio, near Mottola, a ruined building consumed by starvation and indifferent oblivion and the fertile lands on which it sits— evoke ancient splendor, that of the dukes De Sangro and Caracciolo.  Anapeson is a pretext to find and rediscover these places, using a story contained in a space-time bubble in which each coordinate seems to lose meaning... It is through the memories of the Count and naturalist De Salis Marschlins that Dongiovanni and [screenwriter] Marco Cardetta arrest Puglia's abandonment and return it to living, through words that evoke the beauty, light, colors and the Mediterranean breeze— air mixed with salt, oregano, basil, myrtle, and mint" 

- Dalila Bellacicco, Palm Springs ReviewGioia Net [it]