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Visions from the South of the World




Filmatique presents Visions from the South of the World, a collection of stunning works from prominent filmmakers working in the southern hemisphere.

Shedding light on the closely-guarded ritual of ukwaluka, John Trengove's feature debut The Wound disassembles predominant notions of male sexuality in contemporary South Africa, while Taika Waititi's second film Boy chronicles a young boy's own grappling with identity in New Zealand's often-overlooked Maori community. Matías Piñeiro's Hermia & Helena, a loose adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream, traces a young Argentine woman's experience at an artists' residency in New York; celebrated Argentine auteur Lisandro Alonso's Liverpool delves into the texture of time, following a merchant sailor en route to his hometown in Tierra del Fuego. The Pearl Button, political documentarian Patricio Guzmán's follow-up to Nostalgia for the Light, casts its view earthward, toward Chile's aqueous landscape as a vessel for the nation's intricacies of trauma and remembrance.

Showcasing top talents from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa—and featuring emerging voices alongside established directors—Filmatique's Visions from the South of the World Series journeys into indigenous communities and paths of becoming, challenging hegemonic cinematic representations of desire, masculinity, history, and time.