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Filmatique presents a collection of striking and formally accomplished works from a new generation of Swiss filmmakers.


Screening in its American VOD premiere, Sarah Plays A Werewolf examines the precarious nature of female adolescence as a high school searches for meaning in a cold and dignified Swiss town. Cherry Pie, Lorenz Merz's portrait of a woman on the run across northern France, features a raw and riveting performance by Lolita Chammah, one of the country's rising stars. Two films set in Zurich revolve around crimes either real or imagined— Strangers, Lorenz Suter's stylish homage to film noir, follows a man living in self-imposed solitude until he finds himself implicated in a disappearance, while Cyril Schäublin's detached and darkly humorous satire Dene Wos Guet Geit (Those Who Are Fine) explores the lives of characters both central and oblique to a confidence scheme in Switzerland's largest city.


Comprised entirely of first films and with an emphasis on female protagonists, Filmatique's Swiss Films Series posits a fascinating landscape of the world's oldest democracy— a society occupied, in turn, by themes of surveillance, identity, technology, mental health, capitalism, privilege, and the fate of humanity in an increasingly digital world.