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North African Auteurs



For its North African Auteurs Series, Filmatique presents four films from Northern Africa, a diverse region of the world with rich historical and cultural traditions.  The collection includes first and second films by exciting new voices from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.


Mohcine Besri's debut feature The Miscreants scrutinizes Morocco's secular and fanatical ideologies during a failed kidnapping.  Nadine Khan's debut feature Chaos, Disorder chronicles daily life on the outskirts of Cairo via the story of a young Egyptian woman with no agency to choose whom she will marry, while the young female protagonist in Hala Lofty's debut feature Coming Forth By Day is subsumed by the daily duties of caring for her stroke-afflicted father, finding respite in her rare and aimless peregrinations through Cairo's lonely streets.  Through various interviews and a farcical-documentary lens, Tunisian filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania's Challat of Tunis examines the urban legend of man who rode around on a scooter slashing women he deemed to be dressed in an unrespectable manner— a wry portrait of a young democracy ostensibly progressive in its treatment of women.


Featuring three films by female directors and two debut features, Filmatique's North African Auteurs Series captures the psychology of a region haunted by the hidden scars of war, terrorism, uprising and revolution, whose emerging filmmakers nonetheless endeavor to battle for truth, transparency, and a collective vision for the future.