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My French Film Festival II




Filmatique has partnered with Unifrance to present a compelling selection of films competing in the 9th annual My French Film Festival.


In So Help Me God, the creative team behind cult television series Strip-Tease delves into the Belgian justice system vis-à-vis Anne Gurwez, an eccentric magistrate investigating a cold-case while forced to battle the quotidian absurdities of her life as a judge. A vastly different procedural, Èrick Zonca's Parisian noir Black Tide, stars Vincent Cassel as a washed-up detective conducting an investigation that seems to always lead back to himself. Child surrogacy dramedy Diane Has the Right Shape marks a confident debut from Fabien Gorgeart; Pascale Pante's celebrated ode to youth Fake Tattoos traces the romance of two punk teenagers in Montreal while Alex Lutz directs and stars in Guy, a mockumentary-cum-road film circling a musical celebrity who's past his prime.


Weighing crime and justice alongside lighter explorations of love, fame, family, youth and passing time— and spotlighting three feature debuts— Filmatique's My French Film Festival II Series presents a panorama of contemporary French cinema, diverse and ever-evolving as the fabric of French society itself.