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My French Film Festival



// Co-presented by Unifrance /


For its My French Film Festival series, Filmatique is partnering with Unifrance to present a diverse selection of works competing in the 8th annual My French Film Festival, presided over by Jury President Paolo Sorrentino alongside renowned French and foreign film directors Nabil Ayouch (Horses of God, Much Loved), Kim Chapiron (Sheitan), Julia Ducournau (Raw), and Brillante Mendoza (Ma' Rosa).  Featuring three films from female directors and two debut features among a selection documentaries, independent comedies and an acerbic study of cinematic style, Filmatique's My French Film Festival Series presents emerging talents from one of the world's most loyal sources.


Willy the 1st, the first feature from Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma, Marielle Gautier and Hugo P. Thomas, is an existential comedy taking place in the French countryside, when 50-something Willy moves out of his parents' house for the first time.  Ava is a visually stunning meditation on the nature of sight itself, chronicling the misadventures of a young girl as she starts going blind while on vacation in the South of France.  A much different experience lies at the perimeter of this hazy, sun-soaked atmosphere in Maryam Goormaghtigh's first documentary Before Summer Ends, as a group of Iranian exiles try to persuade one among them to stick it out in France, rather than returning home.  Dual portraits of Parisian life are presented in Swagger and In Bed with Victoria— Olivier Babinet's third feature surveys of teenage life in the banlieue while Justine Triet's second film depicts a single mother on the verge of a breakdown.


Exploring themes of confusion, isolation, loneliness and exile amid the experiences of immigrants and successful white-collar women, Filmatique's My French Film Festival Series presents a panorama of contemporary French cinema, diverse and ever-evolving as the fabric of French society itself.