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In Transit




In solidarity with the world's millions of displaced peoples, Filmatique presents In Transit, a series of contemporary films that capture the transitory and precarious experience of fleeing one's home is search of safety, shelter, or the chance of a better life.


Felipe Guerrero's elliptical and atmospheric Oscuro Animal examines the lives of three women amid political violence in Colombia, a country that continues to face rising internal displacement despite the landmark 2016 peace agreement between the government and FARC. Boris Lojkine's Hope traces the obstacles faced by a young Nigerian woman as she makes her way to Europe, while Saïd Hamich's Return to Bollene centers not on migration itself, but rather its after-effects— delving into complex issues of identity, family and origins vis-à-vis the story of Nassim, a second-generation immigrant visiting his parents' adopted village in France.


Comprised of three narrative debuts— and spanning South America, Africa, and Europe— Filmatique's In Transit Series endeavors to bring visibility to the journeys undertaken by refugees across the globe, presenting their experiences with clarity, humanity and dignity.