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FLMTQ Talents 2019




Filmatique will host the first edition of its Talents initiative, a spotlight on first and second features from emerging filmmakers across the globe. Curated from hundreds of submissions, Filmatique Talents 2019 is an online film festival wherein selected projects join Filmatique's current releases in a month-long showcase, while some will receive one year of digital distribution in the US and Canada often for the first time.


Andrea de Fusco examines life below the surface of Venetian waters in In Aquis Fundata, a documentary capturing vanishing traditions in the Italian city. Agustín Adba offers an unconventional portrayal of female desire in his Buenos Aires-set debut Penélope, while Kiarash Anvari's The Pot and the Oak deconstructs a crisis of masculinity in modern-day Iran. Daniel Martinico's Excursions probes the limits of self-proclaimed enlightenment as two married couples unravel in a California woodland cabin, far from civilization. In La Soledad, Jorge Thielen Armand examines the possibility a family's hope amidst the Venezuelan crisis.


Comprised of five features and ten shorts— and including films from diverse regions such as Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, Greece, Italy and Argentina— Filmatique Talents 2019 brings visibility to underseen works from some of contemporary world cinema's most compelling new voices.