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Filmatique presents Ecologies, a series of films attentive to issues of climate, nature and sustainable living, alternative modes of perception and animal life. 


In their directorial debut Trouble the Water, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine producers Carl Deal and Tia Lessen illuminate the racial politics of environmental crisis vis-à-vis a young couple's first-hand account of battling to survive the decimation of their family and community by rising waters, and the Bush administration's incompetence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Jayro Bustamante's stunning first feature Ixcanul navigates the precariousness of female indigeneity, immersing the spectator in the rhythms of a vanishing mode of existence amidst ever-present threats of geological rupture and encroaching modernity. Markus Imhoof's More than Honey traces colony collapse disorder in global bee populations from Switzerland to Australia, while Kirsten Tan's debut Pop Aye posits an unlikely friendship as a man and an elephant journey to Thailand's Isan province.


Blending narrative and documentary forms and featuring the works of three first-time directors, Filmatique's Ecologies Series spotlights vivid and compelling visions of the current age of the anthropocene, highlighting the destructive potential of human life on earth and its entanglement with other forms of sentience and existence—while attesting to the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities.