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Dog Days of Summer


In the northern hemisphere, August is the dead of summer— a hazy, languorous season characterized by heat, the sound of insects, fleeting romance, listlessness.  People idle in the summer; they sense the nascent tides of change yet are not quite ready to embrace them.  Time, and too much of it, can lead to a searching if not somnambulant state.


Filmatique presents a series of three films that capture human existence in this airless season.  Stergios Paschos' droll and dry Afterlov dissects a failed relationship when Nikos takes his ex-girlfriend captive in the Athens suburbs.  In Guadalajara, a teenage boy struggles to maintain peace with his grandmother and write a punk song that doesn't so resemble his band's only other track in Samuel Kishi Leopo's tender coming-of-age Somos Mari Pepa.  In Maryam Goormaghtigh's Before Summer Ends, a group of Iranian exiles roadtrip through the sun-soaked Midi in an effort to persuade one among them to stick it out in France, rather than returning home. 


Comprised entirely of first films, Filmatique's Dog Days of Summer Series explores notions of love, adolescence, family, origins and identity— points of arrival in a season that, by virtue of its rhythms, leads us to encounter riddles within ourselves.