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Docs in Focus




Filmatique presents Docs in Focus, a series of daring films that employ unconventional methods to examine some of the world's most salient political and social realities.  From Brazil to Kosovo, Belgrade, and Southeastern Turkey, the spotlighted filmmakers embrace and improvise new approaches of surveying existence within the conflicts that have come to define their respective regions.


In occupied Palestine, Mais Darwazah's debut My Love Awaits Me By the Sea follows the filmmaker on a personal journey to her homeland to reunite with a lover she has never met.  Pierre-Yves Borgeaud's Viramundo documents musician-turned-politician Gilberto Gil's travels through the Southern Hemisphere as he seeks to unite communities with the power of culture and diversity.  Ognjen Glavonić's first film Depth Two juxtaposes tribunal testimony from victims of violence in the former Yugoslavia with present-day images of the killing sites; Gürcan Keltek's debut documentary Meteors chronicles a military lockdown in Anatolia by way of a spectacular meteor shower that evokes both the memory and disappearance of those still on earth.  


Blending observational, investigative, poetic and archival techniques— and featuring three first films— Filmatique's Docs in Focus Series challenges the predominant notion of what documentary filmmaking can and should be.