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The Days That Confused

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Exclusive Interview with Triin Ruumet

Essay: The Road is Cold and Dark Ahead: The Days That Confused and Neoliberalization in Estonia

Spotlight on The Days That Confused



Triin Ruumet / Estonia, 2016 / Tallinn Black Nights, Cologne, Hamburg, Helsinki, Karlovy Vary, Minsk, Warsaw / 105'


Allar is a 27-year-old Estonian whose daily activities consist of guzzling beer, catcalling girls while they play volleyball, and generally wandering without direction from one random occurrence to the next.  Following a car crash from which Allar emerges relatively unscathed, he begins to interpret the mounting tension and absurdity of his life as a mandate to give his existence serious thought. 


A frantic midsummer journey to discover meaning in oneself, The Days That Confused paints a generational portrait of late-1990s Estonia through strokes of humor and farce.  Triin Ruumet's debut feature film debuted at Tallinn Black Nights, Hamburg and Karlovy Vary, where it won the Special Jury Prize.


"With the help of bold music and visuals, the debuting Estonian director takes the viewer on an energetic ride through the wild nineties. But the film also records the journey of a searching mind as it wrestles with a sense of life's futility... It's safe to say that we'll be hearing from talented director Triin Ruumet in the future"

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Program