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Spotlight on N-Capace



Eleonora Danco / Italy, 2014 / Turin, Lincoln Center's Open Roads, New Horizons International Film Festival - Poland / 83'


Well-respected Italian theatre artist Eleonora Danco returns to Terracina, the coastal town of her youth in search of lost memories but rather encounters a world she hardly recognizes— places she once knew have either disappeared or been torn down to make way for shopping malls.  Grappling with the unexpected passing of her mother 10 years prior, Danco interrogates Terracina's teenagers and elders on perennial subjects such as their first sexual experience, love, God, and death.  Her father, however, proves the most cantankerous subject.


Blending farce with poetry, N-Capace crackles with both the wit of humor and genuine inquiry into the fabric of our nature.  Eleonora's first film premiered at Lincoln Center's Open Roads New Italian Cinema Series, as well as Turin, where it won Best Actor and Best Film.


"Italian stage veteran Eleonora Danco turns an autobiographical documentary into a piece of cinematic performance art... Full of poetic and surreal visual flourishes, N-Capace is a small personal project, but it captures some of the achingly nostalgic beauty of Federico Fellini's classic confessional  or Agnes Varda's masterful bio-doc The Beaches of Agnes"

- Stephen Dalton, Turin ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter