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In Bed with Victoria

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Exclusive Essay: In Bed with Contemporary French Cinema: Victoria

Spotlight on In Bed with Victoria



Justine Triet / France, 2016 / Cannes Semaine de la Critique, Athens, Chicago, Dublin, Festa do Cinema Francês Portugal, Hong Kong, Jeonju, Rendez-Vous With French Cinema à New York, Rome, Sofia, Varilux, Vienna / 84'


Victoria is a criminal defense attorney on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  She has two young children at home and her ex-husband has become quite a successful blogger intent on character assassination, detailing Victoria's past exploits through the lens of an anonymous woman who is very thinly veiled.  When at a wedding, Victoria runs into her old friend Vincent and Sam, a past client she had successfully represented.  But these twin encounters lead Victoria down a strange road both personally and professionally.


A light, comedic portrait of an imperfect woman in increasingly desperate circumstances, Justine Triet's second feature film examines male hegemony in the rom-com genre by subtly inverting the formula.  In Bed with Victoria premiered at Cannes' Semaine de la Critique, Hong Kong, Jeonju and Vienna.



"A chaotic mid-life crisis comedy anchored by a vibrant lead performance... Triet's movie lies somewhere between more femme-centric Woody Allen films like Aliceor Another Woman and the work of French farce maven Louis de Funes.  It's both cerebral, rambling and often over-the-top, offering a portrait of a woman forever on the verge of either a breakdown or an orgasm"

- Jordan Mintzer, Cannes ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter