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I Belong

// Presented as part of Filmatique's Norwegian Women Series //

Exclusive Essay: Gaps in Pride and Communication in the Lives of Three Norwegian Women

Spotlight on I Belong



Dag Johan Haugerud / Norway / 2012, Göteborg, Palm Springs, Trondheim, Vancouver / 118'


When nervous at work, a nurse switches over to speaking English.  A translator agrees to work on a novel even though she doesn't believe in it.  When offered a large sum of money from a relative, an elderly woman must hide her humiliation.  Though ostensibly insignificant, these scenarios result in disputes, loss of integrity and miscommunication despite the best of intentions.  


Featuring an all-female principal cast, Norwegian society's hyper-rational demeanor undergoes deconstruction in documentary filmmaker Dag Johan Haugerud's debut feature.  I Belong premiered at Göteborg, Vancouver, Palm Springs and Trondheim, where it won Best Director; and won Best Film, Actress, Direction and Screenplay at Norway's equivalent of the Oscars, the Amanda Awards.


"I Belong is crafted with generosity; it guides the viewer to read between the lines using techniques that inspire self-reflection and questioning... a reminder of the constant, active process of interpretation, and the intangible gaps that twist communication"

- Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Vancouver ReviewZouch Magazine