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Exclusive Interview with Deepak Rauniyar

Spotlight on Highway



Deepak Rauniyar / Nepal, 2012 / Berlin, ContemporAsian at MoMA / 80'


The lives of several Nepali citizens, young and old, intersect aboard a bus snaking through the Himalayas from Darjeeling to Kathmandu. One is returning to the city after seeking help from a miracle healer in the mountains of eastern Nepal; another is on his way to console a friend who lost his transgender partner; yet another is en route to the man she will marry.  Though the travelers all seem to be in a hurry, the bus is constantly halted by bandhs, or protests, which prove common on the streets.


An unflinching portrait of life inside contemporary Nepal, Highway screened at MoMA's ContemporAsian series and was the first Nepali film ever to be selected for a major international film festival, premiering at Berlin where it was nominated for Best First Feature.


"[I]nteresting for its glimpse of a politically tense, mixed-race society where tradition and modernity mingle uneasily... the on-location lensing of the bus journey, capturing rarely seen landscapes, architecture and real people, exerts a fascination of its own" 

-- Alissa Simon, Berlin ReviewVariety