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Chasing the Wind

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Spotlight on Chasing the Wind



Rune Denstad Langlo / Norway, 2013 / Arras, Göteborg, Minsk, Transilvania, Trondheim, Zurich / 91'


Following the death of her grandmother, Anna returns home after spending a decade away.  In all these years she hasn't seen her family.  None of the funeral preparations go as planned and over the course of the week old family tensions rise to the surface.  When faced with those she left behind, Anna is ultimately forced to reconsider the way she lives her life.


Chasing the Wind is a naturalistic portrait of a woman forced to confront the consequences of her life decisions.  Norwegian filmmaker Rune Denstad Langlo's second feature premiered at Göteborg, Zurich, Minsk; Trondheim, where it won Best Actress; and Arras, where it won the Critics' Award.



"Chasing the Wind is a humorous and melancholy lovestory that shows how communicating with your own family is the most difficult communication of all. The film s humor emerges from the frustration and anger the characters feel when they can neither talk to nor understand each other. The melancholy is connected to their realization that the longer they wait to tell the truth to each other, the more painful it becomes."

-- Norsk Filminstitutt