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Chaos, Disorder

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Spotlight on Chaos, Disorder



Nadine Khan / Egypt, 2012 / Dubai, Muscat, Oran, Safar, Silk Road / 77'


Manal is the lovely young daughter of a grocer in an isolated, run-down Cairo neighborhood town bordering a garbage dump.  Both Zaki and Mounir want to marry her.  Instead of letting Manal choose the boys challenge each other to a soccer match in which the winner will gain her hand in marriage.  Meanwhile, daily life is punctuated by the arrival of a delivery truck— one day, gas; the next day, water— which serves as the community's only connection to the outside world.


Egyptian filmmaker Nadine Khan's debut feature film explores the psychology of the country's youth in the aftermath of the revolution, in which hope has given way to a society on edge.  Chaos, Disorder premiered at Muscat, where it won Best Director; Oran, where it won Best Film; and Dubai where it won the Special Jury Prize.



"Aptly billed as a "social fantasy," Nadine Khan's debut, Chaos, Disorder reps an intriguing vision of a community cut off from the outside world and controlled via irregular truckloads of necessities.  Much like a lab experiment in which researchers study the effects of isolation and domination, the pic sounds like sci-fi, but Khan more interestingly chooses an almost Fellini-esque evocation by means of a purpose-built set whose artificiality disrupts specificity of time or place"

- Jay Weissberg, Dubai ReviewVariety