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Carga Sellada

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Exclusive Interview with Julia Vargas Weise

 Spotlight on Carga Sellada



Julia Vargas Weise / Bolivia, 2015 / Palm Springs, AFI, Chicago, Ekurhuleni, Gramado, Havana, Lima, International Film Festival of India, Marbella / 107'


In 1995 several cargo containers are discovered high in the Bolivian Andes.  Inside are potentially toxic chemicals, and local policeman Mariscal soon becomes charged with the task of smuggling the containers into neighboring Chile.  He recommissions an old train to haul the toxic waste out of Bolivia, but encounters one mishap after another, beginning with the local townspeople who know what's inside, halting the train's path.


Based on true events, Carga Sellada premiered at Havana, Palm Springs and the International Film Festival of India, where it won a Special Jury Prize.  Julia Vargas Weise's third feature was selected as the Bolivian entry for the Foreign Language Academy Award, but it was not nominated.



"Viewers will take away the film's bouncy, scattergun criticism of the global waste trade, in a culture in which third-world countries are willing to be paid to be the dumping grounds for first world trash, however toxic it may be.  Cargo deserves to be delivered to festivals with an eye on the ecological"

- Jonathan Holland, Film ReviewThe Hollywood Reporter