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Spotlight on 28



Prasanna Jayakody / Sri Lanka, 2014 / Rotterdam, Bangkok, Hamburg, Kolkata, Montréal, Pacific Meridian, Singapore, Tallinn Black Nights, Warsaw / 98'


Living in the countryside of Sri Lanka, middle-aged Abasiri and his young friend Mani are summoned to the city to identify a deceased woman— Abasiri's wife, who left him many years ago.  Armed with the task of transporting his wife's body to her resting place, along with the knowledge of the violence that befell her and the rumors that have already begin to swell in the village, Abasiri enters into a strange communion with his wife: one that could only be formed in her absence.


A poetic travelogue through the sublime landscapes, 28 examines the relationship between masculinity, violence and immateriality in contemporary Sri Lanka.  Prasanna Jayakody's third feature film premiered at Hamburg, Singapore and Rotterdam, where it won the NETPAC Prize for Best Asian Film.


"After his memorable debut, Sankara, and second film, Karma, Sri Lankan director Prasanna Jayakody remains in the world of the metaphysical, exploring this time the exciting confrontation of two worlds - one essentially marked by emotional bonds and purity and the other by materialistic values and doubtful social norms"

Rotterdam International Film Festival