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Teenage Wasteland

As part of its Teenage Wasteland series, Filmatique presents films from various parts of the world that explore disparate experiences of youth that are yet united by common feelings— boredom, confusion, loss, and alienation— proposing a contemporary Teenage Wasteland.


Swedish filmmaker Jonas Selberg Augustsén's debut feature The Garbage Helicopter chronicles three siblings' journey through Sweden as they return an antique clock to their newly-widowed grandmother, encountering absurd monuments and traces of casual racism along the way.  Belgian filmmaker Bas Devos' first film Violet commences with a random act of violence seen through CCTV monitors, suggesting the distance and alienation that will come to define Jesse, the BMX-riding adolescent who bore witness to his best friend's senseless death.  Veteran Finnish filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo documents a young boy's 24-hour odyssey through the streets of Helsinki and to the brink of adulthood in her fifth feature, Concrete Night.  Swiss director Niklaus Hibler's second film Amateur Teens explores the perilous intersection between technology and coming-of-age through the lives of three girls growing up in Zurich.


Filmatique's Teenage Wasteland Series evokes the textures of adolescence while offering a window into the psyche of the films' respective countries of origin— Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Switzerland.